We can be forgiven for thinking of electronic waste as digital waste as opposed to a physical product.

eWaste or electronic waste


A pollutant

As the world's fastest growing waste stream, improperly discarded ewaste pollutes our air, soil, and water.



The term 'eWaste' refers to products that are unwanted, not working, and nearing or at the end of their useful life.


A critical resource

Abandoned electronics contain precious metals. By some estimates, $62.5 billion-worth of value exists in discarded electronic items worldwide.

Does MobiCycle handle, process, collect or remediate waste?

Not at all.

We are a tech company.

why ewaste?

Regulators increasingly ask you to explain your impact on the environment. In March 2022, the US Securities and Exchange Commission published guidance for large companies. In Europe, financial companies must be transparent about the environmental damage caused by their investments.

In response to these regulatory demands, you may decide to set targets to achieve 'net zero' emissions. Have you included Scope 3 emissions in your net zero targets?

Scope 3 includes purchased goods and services, capital goods, fuel and energy related activities, transportation and distribution, waste generated in operations, business travel, employee commuting, leased assets, processing of sold products, use of sold products, end of life treatment of sold products, franchises, and investments.

Scope 3 emissions represent the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. eWaste falls within Scope 3 emissions.


To manage eWaste is to manage ESG.

How you handle your electronic waste, determines the quality of your ESG report.

The first step is to commit to full reporting of Scope 3 emissions. The next step is to address eWaste in your Scope 3.

By managing your Scope 3 emissions around eWaste, you commit to the best practices in eWaste management.

Leverage hardware and software applications to comply with environmental regulations. Replace your manual eWaste processes with digital solutions.

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Start with an independent review of your business processes, sustainability goals and targets around eWaste data.

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MobiCycle Games

Navigate worlds built around the challenges of climate change, pollution and eWaste. Envision a better planet.

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Advertise your progress to your customers. Share how your best practices and technological innovations have led to sustainable outcomes.

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MobiCycle's unique proposition to companies, governments, non-profits, manufacturers, retailers - and even waste management companies, is a 'one stop shop' for managing electronic waste.

The complexity of eWaste, along with its impact on climate change, mean it can not simply be managed with ad hoc solutions.

New electronics and electricals contribute to climate change. The manufacturing process creates extremely potent greenhouse gases such as SF6s and NF3s. These gases are much more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide.

Electronic waste degrades the natural defenses within our environment. When improperly treated, eWaste pollutes our air, soil and waterways. A weakened ecosystem has a negative impact on biodiversity. We need these defenses to fight climate change.


Get Inspired

Our growing appetite for electrical and electronic products, combined with rapid innovation and ever-shorter product lifespans require new processes and thinking. MobiCycle can share best practices with your organization.

Reduce carbon emissions

Your organization can help reduce GHG emissions and prevent hazards to health and the environment in accordance with the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions

Supercharge your supply chain

Electronic waste pollutes our environment, harms human health, and contributes to climate change. Best in class recycling programs encourage supply chains that decouple economic development from environmental degradation.

Gain insight from your data

Data analysis can help you set reasonable (new) ewaste remediation targets and identify the highest impact mitigation measures.

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