Scope 3 management of electronics & electricals

Super greenhouse gases

We release super greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, pollute the planet and destroy habitats when we

  • mine for minerals;
  • manufacture, purchase, or sell electronics and electricals; and
  • discard electronic waste.

Better management of electronics and electricals can minimize our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3), biodiversity loss and pollution.

Whether you work for a company, government, non-profit, manufacturer, retailer or in waste management, MobiCycle can help you lessen the damage your electronic and electrical equipment has on the environment at each point in your supply chain; from source to disposal.

Did you know your supply chain generates as much as 80% of your total greenhouse gas emissions?

Or that electronic waste is the world's fastest growing waste stream?

Greenhouse emissions from your supply chain are known as "Scope 3". Our platform helps you manage the Scope 3 emissions, biodiversity loss and pollution created by your electronics and electricals.

Please note: We do not physically handle waste.

I. EE Management

Mining. Renewables are the accepted cure to curb global warming, however, they power just 3% of the world's energy. By some estimates, we will need to collect and refine 7000% more minerals to meet global demand. Where will we obtain the necessary quantities? How will refining these quantities affect the planet? Unless we reclaim the minerals via urban mining, we will mine for virgin metals. Mining at this scale will destroy our planet. Refineries poison groundwater systems and devastate local ecosystems. If these issues concern you, talk to us. We help you motivate your upstream suppliers to adopt best practices. For example, the mining sector can invest in desalination plants to reduce groundwater use, track super greenhouse gases released during the refining process and fund urban mining programs.

Manufacturing.The manufacturing processes for electronics and electricals create extremely potent greenhouse gases. When compared over a 100-year period, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) has a global warming potential 24 thousand times that of carbon dioxide (CO2). Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) is 17 thousand times greater. Get meaningful, actionable data about the environmental impact of your microelectronics or semiconductor devices - from your flat-panel displays and photovoltaics to cell phones or computers, to batteries for your corporate electric vehicles.

Purchases and Sales. The purchase and sale of electronics triggers a range of requirements around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and more. Most guidance leaves most CEOs questioning where their organization's responsibility begins and ends. Our tools pinpoint areas where your EE supply chain directly impacts the environment. From consulting, to marketing and even games, our services enable your workforce to understand the main issues in a quick and painless manner.

II. eWaste Management

Disposals. Broken or outdated electronics are subject to hazardous waste disposal laws, anti-dumping regulations, and more. Yet, just 10% of electronic waste is recycled globally. eWaste degrades the natural defenses within our environment. When improperly treated, eWaste pollutes our air, soil and waterways. A weakened ecosystem has a negative impact on biodiversity. We need these defenses to fight climate change. Our digital solutions provide insight into where your eWaste really goes. Use our specialty eWaste containers protect your abandoned electronics from erosion and damage, making reuse more likely.

How are we different?


Waste brokers prioritize profits

Our first question is how to reduce your greenhouse emissions, biodiversity loss and pollution.


Recycling companies lack objectivity

We occupy the space between you and your supplier. We do not handle waste.


Large consultancies are broad in scope

We focus on Scope 3 emissions from electronics and electricals.

Employees stand under a banner that reads Cleaner, Circular Planet

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